What is H2O? 

H2O is Southeastern Housing Foundation's Award Winning Affordable home ownership program.

H2O has helped thousands of families obtain affordable housing since 1993.

H2O is a true "Lease to Own" based home ownership program.

H2O programs run for 10-20 years.

H2O residents complete a home buyer education course,

and have access to credit CPR.

H2O provides “Free and Clear” home ownership in 20 years, 

not the long 30 year financing programs offered by bank or HUD financing.

                                                                 How does H2O Work?

    I.  Base monthly lease payment is set for duration of program.  I.e.: $700 per month for entire 20 years of program. 


    II.  Variable monthly lease amount is added to base amount and is subject to change and can change yearly according to tax        and insurance fees for property.


    III. H2O payment amount is total of base amount and variable amount added together.


    IV. Resident/Applicant must show proof of income equal to a minimum of 3.5 times the lease amount to be eligible for         

    program. May be reviewed on case by case basis.


    V.  Resident/Applicant is required to carry Property Loss and Personal Liability Insurance coverage. In addition, we ask that

    you identify the home as a “Party of Interest” or “Interested Party” (or similar language as may be available) on the renter’s

    liability insurance policy. Proof of this coverage is required at lease renewal and/or time of possession.


    VI. Lease is for one year terms and renewable each year for duration of program.


    VII. Resident/Applicant must remain current on lease to be eligible for program and ownership. 


    VIII. Occupancy is required for a minimum of 120 months (ten years) to be eligible for program.


    IX. After ten years, resident may sell, refinance with bank, or trade home to SHF for home in another area or a larger

    home.  Resident/applicant will receive 50% of equity realized during residency for sale or refinance, and will receive 100% of

    equity realized during residency to be applied to new home acquired from SHF.


    X. Upon completion of program, Resident/Applicant will receive deed to home, free and clear of all encumbrances. 


    XI. Resident is required to maintain property in A-1 physical condition.  All repairs, landscape, gutters, maintenance,

    appliances, etc. are the responsibility of the resident/applicant to be maintained at their sole expense. 


    XII. SHF reserves the right to inspect at any time and any violation of the above is grounds for termination of lease and loss of

    all rights by tenant/applicant. In addition scheduled inspections are performed quarterly.


    XII. No Drugs or illegal activity is permitted on the premises during entire duration of H2O program and violation is grounds

    for termination of lease and loss of all rights by resident/applicant. 

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