Our Programs:

Southeastern Housing has many programs to help you become a successful home owner.  We specialize in affordable housing with as little as $500 to 3% down.  

"A Home For The Brave" was created to provide affordable housing opportunities for all veterans of our US Military.

We are honored to assist the brave men and women that have so proudly served this country for so long. We created "A Home For The Brave" to help the men and women of our armed forces establish a home for themselves and their families at an affordable price. We have affordable rental housing, the best lease-to-own program found anywhere with our H2O program, and affordable home ownership opportunities with as little as zero (0) down payment costs to you and payments less than rent.  Contact one of our advisors and see how easy it can be to own your own home. Please allow us to say "Thank you" for your service.

In this day and age, many parents find themselves raising children without the benefit of a full-time spouse in the home. With everything else on their plate, finding a nice, safe home in which to raise their family should not be a chore. Southeastern Housing Foundation, Inc. has taken the work out of finding a place to call home - and we've made it affordable! We have a Rent-to-Own program that is second to none!  Our Help 2 Own (H2O) program allows you to purchase your home now and build equity from day one with full "free and clear" ownership in as little as 20 years.  Don't wait another day!  Stop throwing money away paying rent for someone else's house.  Our H2O program turns your rent into ownership of "YOUR" home!

Press to Look Closer

Our completely affordable Help 2 Own (H2O) program allows you to move into your new home immediately. The best part: "NO BANK FINANCING NEEDED!” Without bank financing, our H2O program allows you to move into your new home now, and begin your journey to home ownership. This takes the frustrating wait out of the picture. What about the cost? Our H2O program will help you become a successful home owner for as little as $500.00 to 3% down, with no closing fees, and you can own your home "FREE and CLEAR" in as little as 20 years, as you are building equity from day one and you are buying your home from the very first payment, no money lost to rentals.. All Southeastern Housing Foundation homes are either newly constructed homes or newly renovated homes boasting 2019 quality and standards. And...We have homes in your area! Give us a call today or click the picture to get started and see how easy it is to become a new home owner the Southeastern way!

Single Parent?

Let us take the weight off your shoulders.

It is our pleasure to serve the seniors in our communities.

As we mature and down size, affordable housing is of utmost importance to us all. The seniors of our communities are what made the world we inhabit a great place to live. It is our pleasure to assist you in finding your next home and making it affordable. The steady rise of older, healthier Americans over the past decade has produced one important by-product: middle-class suburbanites. With their grown up children out of the house these "empty nesters" are living healthier, more active, and longer lives than ever before. As a result we have a large group of older Americans that pursue active and activist lifestyles and need housing options to afford those lifestyles. Southeastern Housing Foundation is acting positively in response to that need and will continue to provide low-cost single-family homes and affordable senior apartments as well as the assisted living properties we are now developing to meet the more demanding needs of our senior adults. We have new and like-new homes for as little as $500 down. We specialize in safe, secure homes, homes in gated communities, patio homes, town homes, and even assisted living. And don’t forget about our Help 2 Own  (H2O)  housing program to help you own your home NOW.

Who We Are:

Southeastern Housing Foundation, Inc.

is a 501c3 not--for-profit organization created to provide affordable housing opportunities for families, veterans, single parents, and seniors throughout the southeast.

Our organization has been instrumental in the development, building, rehabilitation and management of both single and multi-family type properties throughout the southeast for more than twenty five years. 

Southeastern Housing Foundation takes rent-to-own housing to a new level!  Our completely affordable, Lease to Own (H2O) program allows you to move into your new home immediately and begin your journey to home ownership.  As a participant in our program, you will work with our staff and associates to repair your bruised credit. Just like rent, you will continue to pay your payment every month.  But unlike rent, you build equity every month and you're not throwing your money away. Each applicant must complete a short home buyer education class to qualify and our staff and counselors will make that fun and informative.  The best part is that your can own your home "free and clear" in as little as 20 short years, not 30 long years like conventional financing.  

Since our establishment in 1993, we have purchased and rehabilitated, or built more than 2,000 single-family units with concentration being on establishing strong, safe, and secure housing at an affordable price.  Southeastern has been a long time provider of housing for first time homebuyers, families, single-parents, senior adults, and veterans. Through our homebuyer education program and credit initiative, we have counseled families and individuals on the responsibilities of owning a home, meeting their obligations financially, budgeting, and reducing their debt.  In addition to Atlanta and the state of Georgia, we have completed projects in North and South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, and Alabama.  Our foundation has built a reputation for taking par and sub-par properties to new levels, creating value and equity for the families and individuals we serve. 

Southeastern Housing Foundation, Inc.


Q: What kind of person does your organization assist?


A: We offer affordable housing programs for low to moderate income families, veterans, seniors, and single parents.


Q: Do you sell homes or handle rental housing?

A: Both. Southeastern Housing was established to create affordable housing opportunities for everyone. We serve by providing affordable rental housing and affordable and sustainable home ownership.


Q: I want to own a home, but my credit is not very good?


A: In today’s economic times, who doesn't have credit issues? We will help you buy your home today and build equity while you rebuild your credit? Our Help 2 Own (H2O) housing program lets you do just that, and own your home in a fraction of the time as conventional bank financing.


Q: I’m a veteran and have VA benefits. Can you help me own a home?


A: It will be our pleasure to assist you in becoming a home owner! “A Home for the Brave” was designed to provide affordable housing to the brave men and women of our US Military. We can help you own a new home for No Money down and No closing costs. It’s our way of saying “Thank You” for your service to our country.


Q: What if I don’t have VA benefits, or what if I want to save those benefits for later?


A: It’s still our pleasure to assist you in becoming a home owner! With our Help 2 Own housing program, you don’t need to use your benefits. You served our country; let us serve you for a change.


"We really love our new house! We are so glad we worked with you.  Your team did an awesome job putting  it all together." "Thank you for making it happen, I'm telling everybody!"

Tonya and Brett

"We want to thank you and the staff at Southeastern Housing for your professionalism and commitment to the affordable housing market. My family is truly blessed to have found you!"

Dean and Gina

"Best company we've ever worked with. Thank you for always being there whenever we needed anything. Your staff does a tremendous job and we love you guys!" ."

Juanita, Atlanta, GA